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Reference Title Location Closing Date
FS0295 Teaching Fellow in Analytical Chemistry Hull 14/04/2017
FS0299 Postdoctoral Research Assistant Hull 14/04/2017
FS0291 Senior Teaching Fellow in Computer Science Hull 28/03/2017
FS0290 Teaching Fellow in Computer Science Hull 28/03/2017
FS0296 Post Doctoral Research Assistant - NERC Hull 11/04/2017
FS0294 Post-Doctoral Researcher in Experimental Earth Surface Dynamics Hull 05/04/2017
FS0300 Graduate Teaching Assistant Hull 17/04/2017
HS0096 Lecturer in Midwifery Hull 29/03/2017
FA0215 Research Assistant: Our Criminal Ancestors Hull 04/04/2017
FS0293 Director of Learning and Teaching/Senior Lecturer Hull 23/03/2017
Clinical Academics
HY0158 Clinical Research Fellows Hull 18/04/2017
Operational/Admin Support/Manual/Specialist
SR0052 Senior Admissions Administrator Hull 27/03/2017
CA0139 Chef Hull 23/03/2017
FS0289R Technician Hull 31/03/2017
CA0126RR Team Leader (Catering) Hull 28/03/2017
ES0080 Grounds Operative Hull 31/03/2017
AQ0050 Assistant to the Executive Officer Hull 24/03/2017
SR0051 Schools & Colleges Liaison Assistant Hull 28/03/2017
TSS012017 Personal Assistant Hull 27/03/2017
Professional, Management and Snr Admin
AF0019 Faculty Finance Manager (HYMS) Hull 24/03/2017
AF0018R Head of Procurement Hull 24/03/2017
AF0007R Finance Manager - Financial Accounting Hull 24/03/2017
AH0038R HR/Payroll Systems Administrator Hull 05/04/2017
HY0157 Project Manager, Hull Health Trials Unit Hull 23/03/2017
AE0075 Research Development Manager - Business, Law and Politics Hull 24/03/2017
AE0074 Research Development Manager - Arts, Cultures and Education Hull 24/03/2017
AE0072 Research Development Manager - Health Sciences Hull 24/03/2017
AE0073 Research Development Manager, Science and Engineering Hull 24/03/2017
FS0298 University Research Fellowships Hull 18/04/2017

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