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Reference Title Location Closing Date
FS0316 Lecturer in Computer Science (Cybersecurity) Hull 25/08/2017
HS0136 Professor of Palliative Care Research Hull 25/08/2017
FA0235 Lecturer in Digital Media Hull 31/08/2017
FA0240 Lecturer in Criminology Hull 17/09/2017
HS0134 Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Performance Hull 26/08/2017
Operational/Admin Support/Manual/Specialist
CHEFTSS Chef Hull 11/09/2017
ED0026 Learning Technologist Hull 25/08/2017
TSSADMIN Administrative Support - Student Registration Week - 18th to 22nd September (1 Week Temporary Role) Hull 01/09/2017
XX0016 Administration Co-ordinator External Organisation Site 25/08/2017
Professional, Management and Snr Admin
AE0099 OSW Sector Officer Hull 01/09/2017
AE0095 Executive Officer Hull 13/09/2017
HS0137 Clinical Trials Administrator Hull and NHS Sites 13/09/2017
AF0023 Senior Management Accountant Hull 19/09/2017
CA0157 Assistant Manager Hull 05/09/2017
ED0029R Academic Data Manager | 3 positions Hull 24/08/2017
SS0085 Senior Timetabling Officer Hull 05/09/2017
SS0086 Senior Timetabling Officer Hull 05/09/2017
FS0313R Research Associate/Fellow Hull 27/08/2017

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